It’s like Netflix… but Catholic.
Wholesome movies for kids, engaging and relevant videos for teens, interactive teen and adult small group material, books, audios, and more… all in one place, all accessible from home.Enjoy this free gift for ALL parishioners and unwrap the beauty of our faith.

Sign up for FORMED now! It’s easy.

1) Visit with a web browser.
2) Click on “Register” (lower right of page)
3) Enter Parish Access Code: CPP94R
4) Enter your email and create a password to create a login
5) Go to “Study > Sacramental Preparation” and select “Forgiven”.  Then scroll down to watch “Session 1 – Where are you?” to experience FORMED

“What should I do if I need assistance running FORMED?”
Please email any questions to Our parish has a FORMED rep that will be supporting us.

“How will I be receiving FORMED recommendations and ‘Pick of the Week’?”
-Parish Wednesday E-Blasts
-School Wednesday Newsletter
-Religious Education Communication
-Bi-Weekly CYM (Catholic Youth Ministry) Tuesday 2
-College Newsletters

FORMED Lenten Series

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Session 1: Where are you?

Session 2: An Encounter with Mercy

Session 3: Embraced in Mercy: The Rite Explained

Session 4: The Paschal Mystery: The Life, Death, and Resurrection

FORMED Pick of the Week