Lectio Divina & Daily Readings

What is Lectio Divina? While reading sacred scripture, read the words with a love and sense of discovery until something seems to strike home. Sit with the passage as one would with a good friend- not just thinking or analyzing, but instead remaining in a quiet, listening spirit, so the word can nurture and challenge you.

Call to Prayer “Let us take a moment in the midst of all our activity to prepare ourselves for prayer.”

The Word of God Choose one of next Sunday’s readings. One person reads the scripture aloud as others are attentive to a word, phrase, or theme that is meaningful to them. Allow for a minute of silent reflection. Have another person read the same scripture a second time. Excerpts from SNOW FALLING ON SNOW Copyright 2001 by Robert J. Wicks Used with permission of Paulist Press www.paulistpress.com

Faith Sharing Begin with an open ended question such as “What strikes you from this reading?” and/or you can use the “Reflection Question” found on our website or bulletin. Allow time for reflection & sharing.

Closing Prayer At the end of the faith sharing, invite participants to pray aloud for any particular petitions or praises they may have. Feel free to close with: The Lord’s Prayer or Spontaneous prayers or a faith-based song.


Daily Readings

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Reflection Question for Sunday, March 5, 2017
Jesus understands what it is like to be tempted. Remember, he is like us in everything but sin. The enticements that the devil presented were attractive, but Jesus never gave in, took the easy way out, or wavered in his total trust of the Father. What tries to lure you away from the Lord?

Reflection Question for Sunday, February 26, 2017
How much time do you waste worrying about things over which you have no control? We all do it – the weather, the stock market, what other people say, do, or think. Jesus is encouraging us to live as though we really believe that God our Father cares about us personally. Because he does! “Seek first the kingdom of God.” Look for signs of God’s presence in your life, and in the lives of others; be a witness to his loving kindness and everything will fall into place. Remember: It’s all about Jesus!

Reflection Question for Sunday, February 19, 2017
Since Christmas, we have been listening to Jesus describing what it means to be his disciple. The law of love that is written on our hearts means that we can no longer be satisfied with doing the minimum to keep that love alive, but reaching ever higher and broader to see the world and each other through his eyes. One of the most startling things about being Christian is to realize that God loves our ‘enemies’ as much as he loves us. Can you think of someone in your life that it is hard to love?

Reflection Question for Sunday, February 12, 2017
Jesus is the Teacher, leading his students into the Reign of God. He surprised the people of his day by presenting a new way of living a righteous life. He reminds them of “what was said to their ancestors” but now, speaking on his own authority, he describes the fulfillment of those ancient commandments. Jesus respects the Law of Moses, but it isn’t enough to avoid evil, we are challenged to do good. To be holy by having our heart, mind, words and actions align with Jesus. How are you challenged today?