Pastoral Council Recognitions and Presentations

As an expression of sincere gratitude and appreciation for the exceptional service they have given to our parish the following individuals have been publicly recognized by the St. Louis Pastoral Council:

March 2017 Thomas Louden Service to the Parishioners of St. Louis
October 2016 Doug Iannarino Service to the Parishioners of St. Louis
March 2016 Sister Lois Blessing St. Louis School
January 2016 John and Dot Easter Service to the Parishioners of St. Louis
November 2015 Irene Gadziala St. Louis School
October 2015 Lee and Tony Kopera Service to the Parishioners of St. Louis
May 2015 Bereavement Reception Team Service to the Parishioners of St. Louis
March 2015 Patricia Finnegan Many Years of Service (Multitude)
January 2015 Luisa and Candido Palting Many Years of Service (Multitude)
December 2014 Patrick Marlatt Building Committee
October 2014 Columbia Pregnancy Center Service to the People of Howard County
May 2014 Marion Waskiewicz Many Years of Service (Multitude)
April 2014 Maureen Hurst Many Years of Service (Multitude)
March 2014 Fran Murray Parish Business Manager
January 2014 Joe Byrnes Many Years of Service (Multitude)
November 2013 Francis and Carroll Kitzmiller Many Years of Service (Multitude)
October 2013 Linda Bartyczak St. Louis School & Religious Education Program
September 2013 Eileen Markert St. Louis School Teacher
April 2013 Paul J. Carroll Music Director
April 2013 George and Rita Kuegler Many Years of Service (Multitude)
March 2013 Margret Valavanis Many Years of Service (Multitude)
January 2013 Judy Radas Many Years of Service (Multitude)
September 2012 Fr. Gregory A. Rapisarda Associate Pastor
May 2012 MaryAnne Johnson Many Years of Service (Multitude)
May 2012 Cathy Graham Many Years of Service (Multitude)
January 2012 Pat Hopkin Parish Office Staff
November 2011 Mike Leumas  Many Years of Service (Multitude)
April 2011 St. Louis School National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence
March 2011 Leo Regensburger  Many Years of Service (Multitude)
January 2011 Cecilia Daub Many Years of Service (Multitude)
November 2010 Clark Wiebking Many Years of Service (Multitude)
October 2010 Susan Miller Many Years of Service (Multitude)
June 2010 Fr. Dominique Peridans Associate Pastor
May 2010 Bradley Jones Facilities Manager and Supervisor
January 2010 Mary Alice Mauser & Ministry Team Mourning Team Ministry
November 2010 Mary Steckman & Ministry Team Bereavement Ministry
October 2009 Fr. Jim Sorra Associate Pastor
October 2009 Steven Rolla School Board Member & Religious Education Catechist
May 2009 Moira Monk Many Years of Service (Multitude)
April 2009 Marion Waszkiewicz Many Years of Service (Multitude)
March 2009 Dr. James “J.R.” Swancar Many Years of Service (Multitude)
April 2008 Pat Marlatt Corporator New Church
February 2008 Betsey Swancar Altar Society Vestments Altar Cloths
March 2007 Randy Ostlie Religious Education Catechist
January 2007 Joan Schenk Women’s Bible Study
October 2006 Christopher Feaga St. Louis Parish Staff
June 2006 St. Louis Building Committee New Church
December 2005 Fr. Martin Burnham Associate Pastor
November 2005 Terry Weiss St. Louis School Principal
October 2004 Andrea Harwick St. Catholic Scripture Study
September 2004 Leo Rudegeair Contemporary Music Director
June 2004 Fr. Erik Arnold Associate Pastor
June 2003 Julie Rizzello & Alberta Hatmaker St. Louis Quilters
May 2003 Larry Teixeira Deacon
April 2003 Bane Kelley Eucharistic Adoration
March 2003 Mary Agnes Lewis Our Daily Bread
March 2003 Anne Buening Pastoral Associate
February 2003 Steve Vazzana St. Louis School
January 2003 Fred Beaudoin & St. Louis Choir Choir Director
December 2002 Karen Murphy Assistant Principal & Teacher
September 2002 Paul Blanchard Clarksville Picnic Chair
June 2002 Dorothy Parker Assistant Principal
May 2002 Bob & Nancy Kipke Greg & Deb Sweeney Marriage Preparation
April 2002 Grace Blom & Josie Munoz Altar Guild
March 2002 Margaret Ortel (Meg) & Deb Marquez Deaf Ministry
February 2002 Sally & Doff Fleshman Unofficial Parish Photographers
January 2002 Grace Kissane Respect for Life Committee
December 2001 Frank Curtain Many Years of Service (Multitude)
November 2001 Chris McLaughlin Mourning Team
September 2001 Margaret Broadwater Retiring Bookkeeper
June 2001 Marie Widitz & Jenny Thompson Money Counting Team
May 2001 Peggy Fitch Baptism Preparation Committee
April 2001 Mary Bird Social Concerns Committee
March 2001 Matt Kolb Newsletter Editor Annual Report etc.
February 2001 Ron Dennison Youth Basketball Coordinator
January 2001 Martha & Buzz Weidel Bereavement Committee
December 2000 Frank Kitzmiller Picnic General Chairperson
November 2000 Rose Marie Condon Floral Liturgical Environment Committee
October 2000 Mary & Bob Tucker Floral Liturgical Environment Committee
May 2000 Gloria Sauter Director of Religious Education
April 2000 Blase Cooke Finance Committee
February 2000 Buzz Weidel & Dan Stretmater Deacons
December 1999 Anne Buening & Mary Funke Good Samaritans
November 1999 Jean Weiss Eva Roswell Helen Becker Garden Club
October 1999 Michael Burke & Laura Kinch Haiti Sister Parish Committee

Archdiocese of Baltimore Medal of Honor

The Archdiocese of Baltimore confers the Medal of Honor upon those individuals who have demonstrated exceptional devotion and service to their parish the archdiocese and the larger community.  The following members of Saint Louis Church are recipients of this prestigious award:

2001 J. R. Swancar
2001 Kay B. Partridge
1998 Patrick Marlatt
1998 Clark Wiebking
1998 Eloise Wilding
1995 Grace Blom
1994 Rose Marie Condon
1994 Frank Curtin
1994 Clarke Johnson
1993 Pat Kelley
1992 Elizabeth Smith
1991 Christopher Feaga
1991 Margaret Smith (Broadwater)
1990 Leo Rudegair