The Pastoral Council consists of members of the parish who serve as a consultative body to the pastor. It helps set direction for the parish by focusing on the parish’s mission statement and by organizing a plan to carry out that mission. The council encourages communication within the parish and with the community and archdiocese. Most members are elected, others are appointed by the pastor, and some represent the Pastoral Staff and key organizations (e.g. Welcome, Picnic, Youth, and Young Adults). The council meets on the first Tuesday of each month, except July and August, at 7:00 pm. All parishioners are welcome to attend or to submit possible agenda items.

Don Kemp President
Herman Stewart Vice President
Amy Comberiate Recording Secretary
Linh Nguyen Corresponding Secretary

Norman BeldenNorman Belden          2015-2018           410-992-4429

My wife and I been members of St Louis parish for 30 years. I wholeheartedly believe in the mission of both our parish and school. Over the years I have been honored to serve both. I served 4 year term as an executive officer of the Saint Louis School Board, served on the Middle States School Certification Committee, and volunteered as a core team member for Vacation Bible School. I served for several years as a coordinator for Maryland Catholic Conference Lobby Night, have testified for MCC before the State Legislature, and have been a group leader for Discovering Christ. I am also a member of the Knights of Columbus, the Hospitality Ministry, and have volunteered and served as an RCIA sponsor, the Legacy & Capital Campaigns and the Church Dedication Committee here at St Louis. Faith, family, and friends are very important to me.

Amy ComberiateAmy Comberiate          2015-2018          410-404-8396

Throughout my ten years as a proud member of the parish, I have helped in various ministries. At first a member of the Young Adult Group (where I met my husband, Joe!), I have participated in CYM events by teaching Monday Night Religious Education, leading a College Retreat, and participating in a high school speaker series. Recently, Joe and I escorted an outstanding group of teens to Mount 2000. I have participated in Discovering Christ and Following Christ. I have been on an ACTS retreat team, and I often participate in the music ministry for various ACTS events. You can often find me cantering at the Saturday 5:30pm Mass. I have volunteered at the Book Stand and the Cotton Candy/Popcorn Stand at the Clarksville Picnic. When I’m not at St. Louis, I teach English at Mt. Hebron High School, where I sponsor the students with a Great God Club, a nondenominational group that meets weekly to pray and discuss faith in today’s society.Needless to say, I am passionate about increasing interest in the faith among young people of our parish. If chosen, I hope to serve in order to make our parish reflect the light of Christ.

Mary ComerMary Comer          2016-2019          410-489-0066

50 Years in the Parish
Occupation: IT Project Manager, Northrop Grumman Corporation
2016 marks the 50th anniversary when my family joined St. Louis Church and I attended first grade at St. Louis School. There is no coincidence that throughout my journey of faith, God has always kept me connected to this amazing parish. From participating in numerous faith formation studies including the ChristLife series, His hand was at work calling me to service and leadership roles. A long-time volunteer at the Clarksville Picnic, I branched out to join the leadership teams for “The Great Adventure”, “Why Catholic?”, and Catechism seminars. After attending an ACTS retreat, God catapulted me into a whole new level of service. Through God’s amazing grace, I lived His mission and purpose by serving on the ACTS Core team, several ACTS retreat teams, and as Director of the ACTS Women’s retreat. In humble recognition of the charisms and gifts that God intends me to use for others, I have recently become a Lector and joined the Catholic Daughters.

farleyTerry Farley          2016-2019          301-788-7142

13 Years in the Parish
Occupation: IT Specialist, U.S. Dept. of Treasury
I first joined the parish in 2003 upon moving to Columbia from New Market Md. My wife (Leslie Margarida-Farley) and I met through a church activity in 2004 and got married in chapel in 2008. Together we are a blended family with 5 kids ages (2 girls and 3 boys) ages 27 – 15. I had an epiphany moment while attending the ACTS retreat in 2010 (Father’s Day gift from my wife), that event changed my spiritual life. Since then, I have been inspired to serve others and be an active member of the parish. I am/and have been involved in the following parish activities:
• Serve a Lector
• Serve as Treasurer on Knights of Columbus
• Jail Ministry – at least once a month leading and/or providing music at Howard County Detention center
• Acts team member and participant
• Small Christian Community (SCC) on Monday evenings when available
• Volunteer at Parish annual picnic


kempDon Kemp          2016-2019          443-864-0173

20 Years in the Parish
Occupation: Architect
My wife, Cheryl and I moved into the parish in 1995 along with our two children, Megan and Ryan. My first opportunity to contribute to the parish occurred when I was asked to help with the restoration of the 1855 Chapel on Ten Oaks Rd. Leading the Chapel restoration effort exposed me to a committed group of St. Louis parishioners who made me realize that I had something to offer the parish community beyond going to weekly mass. It was not until attending an ACTS retreat that I fully experienced the beauty of the people at St. Louis. Since then I have served on multiple ACTS retreat teams. I have completed the Christ Life series and been a facilitator for Discovering Christ. For the last six years I have been a Eucharistic Minister and I will be chair of the Silent Auction for the third time this year at the Clarksville Picnic.


korpaczCindi Korpacz          2016-2019          

6 Years in the Parish
Occupation: Stay-at-home mom, formerly IT marketing manager
My husband Joe and our two children are active members of St. Louis church and school for the past six years. Our daughter graduated from St. Louis school and now attends Mount de Sales Academy. Our son is in 7th grade at St. Louis school where I have been an active volunteer for the past 6 years: room parent, assisting in the computer lab, Capital Campaign, annual fundraisers, Graduation luncheon and reception, CYM events and the Clarksville picnic. We attend mass weekly and all of us serve as Hospitality ministers; our son is also an Alter Server. Our Catholic faith is paramount in our lives and we were honored to assist in the stewardship initiative and are involved with the pilgrimage to the Holy family ministry. Before becoming a stay at home mom, I was in the computer technology field where I worked my way up to marketing manager

matthaiShirley Mathai          2016-2019          703-587-4316

6 Years in the Parish
Occupation: Product Marketing Manager
My family and I are blessed to be in this vibrant and faith-filled community. My son, Matthew, graduated from St. Louis School and attends Calvert Hall College High School. My daughter, Maya, is a 5th grader at St. Louis School. Both are active Altar Servers, Lectors, and in CYM & Choir ministries. As for me, proclaiming the Word through Lector ministry has been profound. ChristLife has deepened my relationship with the Lord, through first participating; and then, co-table leading the “Discovering/ Following/Sharing Christ” series. Experiencing the ACTS Retreat so deeply moved me that I served on the Retreat Team; and then, as Co-Director for the Fall 2015 Women’s Retreat. In addition, serving the Clarksville Picnic (Plush Animal Stand & ACTS Silent Auction), Intercultural Day, Pilgrim Family for Our Lady of Guadeloupe & Holy Family Prayer Ministries, as well as Family Holy Hour Eucharistic Adoration have allowed me to grow in community with fellow parishioners. No doubt that I love this Parish. I’m grateful that the Lord planted us here to continue His work in and through us

Kevin McCarthy          2015-2018          202-253-3076

My wife Lisa and I have been members of St. Louis Parish for 26 years. We moved to Clarksville in 1993 to be closer to St. Louis. Our five kids have all gone through St. Louis School. This Parish provides many ways to dig deeper into our faith, and we have taken advantage of many of these: ACTS, Discovering Christ, Following Christ, and Sharing Christ. We are so blessed to have these opportunities. I have been a Hospitality Minister for 16 years, and have been the Head HM for the past three years; I am also an emergency Eucharistic Minister. Serving at Mass is a true joy for me, and I feel that it is a sacred duty. I work on the picnic each year as a server in the food tent, and have helped with set up and take down; I have been a member of the Knights of Columbus since its inception here, and I participate in 40 Days for Life, praying in front of abortion clinics.

Luisa Palting          2015-2018          301-332-2230

I have been a parishioner for 20 years and have witnessed St. Louis grow into the amazing and vibrant faith community it is today. My children attended St. Louis (then, Mt. de Sales and Mt. St. Joseph) and our Catholic faith has always been the center of our family; St. Louis, our second home. I’ve been a lector since 1998, a lunch and room mom, Eucharistic Adorer, chaired the Clarksville Picnic face-painting booth since 2007, and currently serve on the Board of the Columbia Pregnancy Center. Since 2006, Candido and I have served as a Sponsor Couple and have helped many couples prepare for Marriage. Recently, we became catechists helping teens prepare for Confirmation. Each member of our family has attended the ACTS retreat (adult and teens) which has had a profound impact on our family and personal faith lives. I’ve served on the ACTS Core team, as a Retreat team member, and have had the privilege of directing a Women’s ACTS Retreat in 2012. At St. Louis, we are blessed with countless opportunities to grow our faith, develop friendships and community, and to give back.

roswellCharles Roswell          2016-2019          410-997-8276

44 Years in the Parish
Occupation: Retired Cartographer
Since moving into the parish in 1972, I have been involved in many parish activities. I have helped with set-up and take down for the Clarksville picnic since 1973, in particular by managing the setup of the electrical service for the picnic. My five children all attended St. Louis School. My wife and I assisted the school’s citrus fruit sale during that time. I taught CCD for several years. As a Knight of Columbus, I have coordinated the crew of Knights that directs parking at Christmas Eve and Easter Masses for the past seven years. I co-chair the Lenten Fish Dinners. I serve as sacristan for the Saturday 8 AM Mass. I spent the last twenty years of my professional career working on or chairing various inter-agency, national, and international committees dedicated to the development of standards for geographic information.

Patrick Marlatt                Ex-officio     410-531-5280