St. Louis / St. Francis ACTS Small Christian Community

A Small Christian Community (SCC) is group of men or women who meet on a reoccurring basis with the goal of sharing faith and building each other up through good times and bad. A safe place where confidentiality resides. We are there for each other through the love of our Savior, Jesus Christ. We are there to comfort, encourage and just be present for each other, because that’s what the “C” in ACTS stands for, Community.

It is a brotherhood and sisterhood with a total focus on growing your faith through scripture, prayer, fellowship, books, films, etc. The SCC's were originally formed as landing spots for ACTS retreatants post-retreat. However, you do not have to have gone on an ACTS retreat to join an SCC. All are welcome!

"...the Lord wants us to experience the outpouring of the Holy Spirit as it was at the first Christian Pentecost. The Lord intends for His disciples to share life and not just meet together. He is telling us to live out our baptisms in a brotherhood and sisterhood that is just as deep as in the Acts of the Apostles.” Fr Al Lauer, Presentation Ministry

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