St. Louis Catholic Church Cemetery

St. Louis Catholic Church Clarksville, MD Cemetery & Chapel Photo - Courtesy of Catholic Review 2929753500Since our beginnings in 1855, the St. Louis Catholic Church Cemetery and Chapel, located on Ten Oaks Road, has been an important place in the history of Howard County, the Archdiocese of Baltimore and our parish community. It has provided a sacred resting place for many generations of St. Louis parishioners and members of many parish families.

As Catholics, we believe in life after death and everlasting happiness with God. This belief gives us strength when faced with sorrow, courage in moments of weakness, and hope as we continue our earthly journey of faith. The rite of Christian burial and burial in our parish cemetery is a way that we bear witness to the belief that life on earth is preparation for eternal life with God.

"...For we know that when this tent we live-- our body here on earth-- is torn down, God will have a house in heaven for us to live in; a home he himself made, which will last forever..."  2 Corinthians 4:16 - 5: 10

A Catholic cemetery extends the ministry of the Church through reverent burial and compassionate support for the grieving. We also believe that a Catholic cemetery manifests the Communion of Saints, as professed in our creed. A burial in a Catholic cemetery is an act of faith and witness to the Resurrection of the Lord.

What do I need to do for a death of a loved one when I am responsible for the funeral arrangements?

Contact the funeral home of your choice and make an appointment to meet with them before calling Saint Louis. The funeral home will call us to coordinate the burial. Then you will come to the parish office to select the gravesite if you choose to purchase a gravesite at St. Louis Catholic Church Cemetery. All fees, including opening/closing will be payable at the time of the meeting. St. Louis Catholic Church Cemetery Burial Options and Pricing.

Advanced Planning
Saint Louis is dedicated to assisting you choose your final resting place in a compassionate and spiritual way that will make your choice most comfortable.

If you choose cremation, you have the option of choosing a place in the cemetery’s columbarium. The Catholic Church believes that cremated remains should be placed in a manner that is:

  • Reverent – As a human person, cremated remains should be treated and handled with reverence
  • Public – A cemetery is a place for ling-term visitation and commemoration
  • Permanent – The placement should be undisturbed
  • Marked – The burial place should tell of the persons existence with a name and dates of birth and death
  • Integral - Cremated remains should not be scattered or divided, but kept as one.

Advantages of Advance Planning of Burial Arrangements

Make your final choice responsibly – As you have been responsible in other aspects of your life, it makes sense to plan for your final affairs now, when you have the time to weigh your options.

  1. You can take the time to take your time – By planning now, your spouse or family member can be spared making a difficult decision at a very emotional and stressful time. Your choice to be buried at Saint Louis Cemetery will not be in doubt.
  2. Affordability – After a death, there is always a tendency to feel like “nothing is too good” for a loved one. Sorrow can lead to overspending.
  3. You choose your burial location – Each location in a cemetery is unique. By purchasing your space now, you will be able to secure your preferred burial location.
  4. Prices do not go down – You will get the best possible price right now. All cemetery costs and burial fees may be pre-paid so no money will be due at the cemetery later.
  5. Your own piece of mind – By putting this important decision in order, you will help make a future difficult time less complicated.

The First Step: Making the Appointment
Advance burial arrangements settle an important area of future concern. Advance planning for a Catholic burial is a prudent decision for you and your loved ones to make before it becomes necessary. By finalizing your plans now, you will express love and compassion for the people in your life and, in turn, will know they will be carrying out your preferred intentions. Make your plan now, when you have time to review all of the options, ask questions and make the choices that will be most meaningful to you and your loved ones.

Saint Louis Cemetery Services offers you an opportunity to sit down in a comfortable setting, discuss your options and get the information you need to understand the preferences and ideas you have for your burial.

Some things to consider before making your appointment:

  • Do you want an above ground or in-ground burial?
  • Do you want cremation or full body burial?
  • Do you want to install a grave marker or a monument?

Please call 410-531-6040 to make an appointment to meet with our Cemetery Manager to discuss your options.

The Second Step: Evaluating Your Options

At your appointment you'll discuss with our Cemetery Manager your burial options. St. Louis Catholic Church Cemetery Burial Options and Pricing [Effective August 26, 2022]

The Third Step: Finalizing Your Decision
Our Cemetery Manager will assist you with selecting the appropriate burial space in the cemetery and completing the paperwork that will finalize the purchase of your burial site.