St. Louis Catholic Church Cemetery Contact

Whom do I contact to purchase a gravesite?

Please call 410-531-6040 to make an appointment to meet with our Cemetery Manager to discuss your options.

What do I need to do for a death of a loved one when I am responsible for the funeral arrangements?

Contact the funeral home of your choice and make an appointment to meet with them. The funeral home will call us to coordinate the burial and then you will come to the parish to choose the gravesite. If you need to purchase the gravesite, you will do at the time. All fees, including opening/closing will be payable at the time of the meeting.

Whom do I contact to make Pre-Arrangement Plans?

You may call the parish office at 410-531-6040 to make an appointment to purchase your gravesite in advance. There are many advantages to pre-arrange your burial site:

  • Pre-arrangement protects loved ones from having to make difficult decisions in the midst of their grief.
  • Purchasing now offers protection from future price increases.
  • Eliminates a financial burden for loved ones left behind.
  • Allows decisions concerning burial to be thoughtful ones.
  • Provides time to discuss arrangements with family members.
  • Through advance planning, payment of burial expenses can be made to fit your budget.