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Summer 2018

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May 28-June 2      Habitat for Humanity

June 10                   College Summer Kick Off Party @ Amanda and Brian Franklin’s: 14078 Gared Drive, Glenwood                                       Please bring a side dish, drinks, or dessert. RSVP HERE 

June 30                  Clarksville Picnic @ St. Louis. The plan is to work the latest shift at the dinner tent and then                                               attend the Worker’s Mass together at 8pm

July 7                      America Cookout at 6:30pm at St. Francis with Maple Lawn Fireworks afterwards. Please bring a                                     food item to contribute and RSVP via our Facebook Group or by emailing the College Minister.

July 21                    Service Day helping out local famlies: meet at St. Louis Parking Lot at 9am. We will return by                                           12:30pm. RSVP via Facebook or email the College Minister.

August 5                  Send off Weekend Hosted by College Connection Ministry– Come to 9:30am Mass at St. Louis                                          followed by brunch. Please RSVP HERE and bring items for Grassroots as part of our                                                          Buy 2 Drive– when you go back to school shopping, buy 2!