College Students: Sorry to say we had to hit PAUSE on our Winter Retreat this year due to COVID restrictions. The Winter Break retreats will resume in 2022. Meanwhile, keep an eye on this page for other activities!


Monday, Jan. 6 to Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2020 Retreat! Our theme was "hit pause." Don't we all need a pause from life sometimes? We met at St. Louis on Monday at 10AM. We caravaned to our cozy lodge at Deep Creek which backs to the beautiful lake. Your fee of $40 covered your room plus meals. Retreat activities were led by young adults. Plenty of time to play games, hike, visit the waterfall, nap, watch movies or sit in the jacuzzi. There were talks, reflections, discussion, prayer and Adoration.  Find God in the pause.


"A relaxing vibe that is spiritual and fun."

Best part of retreat was the spiritual hike in the woods (scavenger hunt), the car rides, and the new friends.

Best part of retreat was the free time, hanging out with everyone, laughing.

"The reminder to rest and reset is so important, especially in college."

Patrick and Kara's testimonies were really relatable; it's really helpful to have someone that is a few years out of college talking about their experiences; food was great; structure was nice; free time was good

The best part was Q&A discussion, talks, the hike to Swallow Falls...all the hikes and free time.

College reatreat was about resting, resetting and recentering your focus on Christ in a way that is without pressure.

I really enjoyed most everything about this retreat. It wasn't overly stuffed with activities so there was actually time to rest and reset. I loved the "rest and reset" theme, the movie night, the location, adoration and the praise and worship.

College Winter Break Retreat 2019: Rest & Reset