St. Louis College & Young Adult Ministry includes:

College Connection: Offering newsletters, events and community throughout the year but especially during Winter, Spring and Summer breaks. Includes Retreats! Connecting college students with alumni parishioners.

Young Adult Ministry: Connecting young adults with each other and young adults in the Archdiocese of Baltimore.

Up&Out: Gathers affiliated and non-affiliated young adults in community through events and opportunities.

What is St. Louis College Ministry (for 18- approx. 22 year olds)?

1.) To help students remain involved in their parish community

2.) To support students in getting involved with their Catholic communities at school

3.) Assist students in the transition from high school to college

4.) To provide opportunities for faith building, friendship, and fun!

College Ministry is not just for college students, but for all college-aged young adults. It is most active during Winter Break and the summer, when more people are home!

Up & Out
(for young adults 20s through 30s)

Up & Out is a new young-adult outreach effort by St. Louis and St. Francis sponsored by a grant from Bon Secours Young Adults. It is a way to reach out to unchurched or seeking young adults. The plan is to gather churched and unchurched young adults together to form community and friendships and share the love of God, not overtly, but through relationships and curiosity.

Planned 2019 events include:

  • January: Happy Hour at Hudson Coastal (Managing Finances in your 20s)
  • February: Movie Night “The Dating Project”
  • March: Rest and Relaxation Techiques for your busy life
  • April: Real-world Scavenger Hunt
  • May: Hiking Trip

If you are a young adult interested in being a part of our Up & Out planning team, or a young adult looking to join a community within the parish/pastorate, please contact Luisa at or (410) 531-6668. 


Register for College & Young Adult Ministry

College Ministry Registration (18-22 year olds)

Young Adult Email List (18-35 year olds)

Luisa Palting is the contact person for College & Young Adult Ministry.

Her regular office hours are 9:30-5pm M-W, F. Please contact her with questions!