2019 Confirmation Dates Important Dates

Sunday, January 27, 4-5:30pm

Tuesday, January 29, 7-8:30pm
Parent & Candidate Information Mtg (Required)Location: Parish Social Hall

DUE AT MTG: candidate photo with name on back (unless uploaded), Check of $200 (unless paid online), and a COPY of candidate's Baptismal Certificate
February 5-11Retreat RegistrationSee "High School Retreats" to reserve a spot on retreat, download a permission form, and view additional payments for Summit Lake and Teen ACTS Retreats

Permission form and payment are due at St. Louis by February 25.
Friday, March 22 at 4pm-Saturday, March 23 at 4pm
Retreat Option #1: Spark #1 RetreatRegister Feb. 5-11
CYM will confirm by Feb. 15
Submit form/fee by Feb. 25
Saturday, March 23, 4pm- Sunday, March 24 at 4pmRetreat Option #2: Spark #2 RetreatRegister Feb. 5-11
CYM will confirm by Feb. 15
Submit form/fee by Feb. 25
Friday, April 5 at 5pm to Sunday, April 7 at 2:30pmRetreat Option #3: Summit Lake RetreatRegister Feb. 5-11
CYM will confirm by Feb. 15
Submit form/fee by Feb. 25
OPTION A: May 4, 4:00-7:00pm

OPTION B: May 5, 12:45-3:30pm
Rite of Enrollment Mass & Reception (Required)

Reception for Sponsors & Candidates ONLY- will include necessary info
Church & Social Hall. Please bring your Rite of Enrollment Form & Sponsor Eligibility Form
July 25 at 5pm- July 28th around 3pm (after 12:45pm Mass and reception)Retreat Option #4: Teen ACTSRegister Feb. 5-11
CYM will confirm by Feb. 15
Submit form/fee by Feb. 25
OPTION A Sundays: September 8-October 27, 10:45am-12:15pm

OPTION B Tuesdays: September 10- October 29, 7-8:30pm
Confirmation ClassesEnter through the Howard Bishop Room Lobby
Saturday, Nov. 2

Mass 1 @ 9-10:30am

Mass 2 @ 10:30am-12pm
Confirmation RehearsalsYou and your sponsor should attend. You will pick up your robe at this time.
Sunday, November 3 Mass 1@ 3pm
Mass 2 @ 6pm
Confirmation Ceremonies!After the ceremony, please return your robe and pick up your Confirmation Certificate!

Confirmation 2018 Google Calendar

May 2019

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

Rite of Enrollment Mass & Reception for Sponsors & Candidates 

What is the Rite of Enrollment Mass? This is an opportunity for the Confirmation Candidates to publicly proclaim their desire to start the Confirmation discernment process. It is also an opportunity for the faith community to bless the candidates and commit to both supporting and praying for the candidates’ discernment. During the Mass, all candidates will be called forward in a group (no one is singled out) to stand in front of the altar. Candidates should bring their Rite of Enrollment Form (Link to form to come) with them at this time. After receiving a blessing, they will turn in their forms and return to their seats.

What will happen at the Reception? This reception, for Sponsors & Candidates, will provide a further explanation of the Sponsor-Candidate relationship. Pairs will be given a chance to talk with one another and make a game plan to best prepare for Confirmation.

What if my Sponsor can’t make it? It is preferable that a Sponsor attend, but obviously this is not always possible. If this is the case, a parent can attend in the Sponsor’s place.

How to Prepare for the Rite of Enrollment

  1. Choose a Sponsor
  2. Attend Mass & Reception:

Option One: Saturday, May 4,  4:00pm Mass & Reception in the Social Hall until 7:00pm

Option Two: Sunday, May 5- 12:45pm Mass & Reception in the Social Hall until 3:45pm

3. RSVP For the Reception SignUp Genius link to come. (Please note: there is only room in the Social Hall for 1 Confirmation Candidate and 1 Sponsor. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate families as well.)

Be sure to RSVP for the correct DATE and the correct DISH, determined by your last name.

You only need to RSVP for 1 person. We will know to double the number.

A-H… Salads  || I-O… Appetizers || P-Z… Desserts

4. Complete Rite of Enrollment Form and bring with you to the Rite of Enrollment Mass. It will be collected during the Mass. (Downloadable form to come)

5. Complete the Sponsor Eligibility Form. This may take a while if your sponsor is not from St. Louis Parish, so please begin working on it ASAP. Bring this with you to the reception. It will be collected there.

6. Bring your dish to the Social Hall BEFORE your Mass. There will be a volunteer present in the Social Hall to help you know where to leave your dish. NOTES: Please bring NOTHING with nuts or shellfish of any kind. Feel free to make a little index card with the name of your dish and any ingredients. Put your name on any dishes/ utensils you bring and please pick your dishes/ utensils up at the end of the reception to bring home.