What is a Sponsor?

A Sponsor is a person of your choosing who makes a commitment to walk with you in your faith journey as a mentor. For Confirmation, St. Louis candidates choose a sponsor to support them in being Christian missionary disciples. A sponsor needs to be over 16 years old (and not a mother or father to the Candidate), to have already received their Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation), and to be an active, practicing Catholic.

For Candidates

How do I choose a Sponsor?

  1. Entrust the process to prayer. Ask God to help you think of and choose the person that would be the best fit for you.
  2. Consider the qualities of a person that would best be able to support you in your relationship with God: someone with whom you are comfortable talking and asking questions, someone who knows a lot about his or her faith or is at least able to help you seek answers, someone who is non-judgmental, someone who prays habitually, someone who is involved in the community.
  3. Consider people in your life that fit the description of the above. Again, ask God to help you think of these people.
  4. If you think of someone, reach out to them and ask he or she to consider being your sponsor. Do this either in person or on the phone, if possible, because it is an important question! Share with them: what a sponsor is, why you are asking them to be your sponsor, the date of the Rite of Enrollment, the date of your Confirmation Rehearsal, and the date of your Confirmation Ceremony.
  5. If you cannot think of someone, ask for help! Your mom and dad might have suggestions for you and if they don't, call the Confirmation Coordinator or the Youth Ministry Office. The staff will help to connect you with a parishioner that would be a good fit for you.
  6. Once you have a Sponsor, they will need to complete the Sponsor Eligibility Form and turn it in prior to Rite of Enrollment Mass. This form is a validation that the Sponsor is a practicing Catholic and is signed by the pastor. Form must be signed by the Pastor or Pastor's representative before turning it in.


For Sponsors

Congratulations on being chosen as a Sponsor for a special young man or woman! The opportunity to be a Sponsor and have a privileged place in a young person's faith journey is an honor. It's also a chance for you to grow in your own relationship with God, explore your Catholic faith, and learn from one another.

What are the responsibilities of a sponsor? There are three events that Sponsors should attend: the Rite of Enrollment Mass and Sponsor Workshop, the Confirmation Rehearsal, and Confirmation Ceremony.

Beyond these events, your job is to be present and to initiate conversations regarding faith topics and relationship with God; to encourage your Candidate to pray more frequently and deeply; and to encourage your Candidate to be involved in more prayer and service opportunities through the parish and to the wider community. There are some mini-trips and service opportunities that Sponsors and Candidates can do together.

Sponsor Eligibility Form All Sponsors need to complete the Sponsor Eligibility Form which includes a signature from your pastor. The form validates that you are an active Catholic. Submit form by Rite of Enrollment Mass.

You may print out or fill out the form online (with Adobe Acrobat) and send to your pastor for signature. Email signed form to Confirmation Coordinator before Rite of Enrollment Mass.

Resources to Prepare Together for Confirmation

How do we prepare together for Confirmation? Our suggestion: choose something at least once a month with the intention purpose of learning more about each other and about God. Download the form below to make a game plan. There are a few suggestions of monthly activities on the form.

Candidate & Sponsor Game Plan

Resources that may help you and your Candidate learn more about the Catholic faith:

  • The Catholic Youth Bible
  • YouCat Books: Engaging "question and answer style" publications that act as a 101 course... The Catholic Faith 101 (YouCat), Catholic Social Teaching 101 (DoCat), Confirmation 101 (YouCat Confirmation Book)
  • Bible Reading Apps for Teens: You could suggest that you both download and use the same one
  • FORMED: Thousands of faith-related videos on hot topics, lives on the saints, books of the Bible, etc...

Conversation Starters

Candidate to Sponsor Questions

Sponsor to Candidate Questions