As the St. Louis CYM staff,

We strive to live holy lives as Catholic disciples, keeping our eyes on Jesus Christ who calls us to walk with each other on our faith journey.

We commit ourselves to seeing Christ in each person we serve, always showing them the love, kindness and mercy that they deserve as people of God.

We will foster an atmosphere of safety, compassion and justice where young people can receive pastoral care and experience holy ground, especially in times of trial.

We will invite those we serve to encounter Jesus through the Sacraments, prayer, service, catechesis, and fellowship.

We will affirm, recognize, and support the essential role that families play in the faith lives of young people and we will partner with them and the parish community to build up the Body of Christ.

We will empower and encourage young people and adults to use their gifts to share the Gospel with the world.

Core Values:  Our Youth Ministry is called by God to communicate, connect and challenge in support of:

  • A place that is inclusive and safe for all who are open to the invitation to walk in faith
  • A Catholic people (youth and adult community) seeking the truth and an encounter with Christ – understanding who we are cannot be separated from how we live
  • Lovingly living out and sharing the Good News of the Gospel Word.