St. Louis Offertory Giving

At Saint Louis Parish, we are blessed to be part of a community that offers us many opportunities to share our faith and reach out to others.

The Saint Louis Offertory Envelope Program is designed to help you, a valued parishioner, make a financial decision, based on faith, as to how much you will contribute on a weekly basis. Giving on a regular basis by envelope or electronically enables Monsignor Luca and the Pastoral Staff to manage current expenses and more importantly, be able to prepare a realistic budget for the next year.

Your weekly financial contribution makes a big difference in our parish. Here are just a few ways your weekly gift is used:

  • To purchase the many supplies that are needed for our liturgies and sacraments, including hosts, wine, candles, prayer books and hymnals.
  • To pay for the utilities which keep the parish buildings running efficiently for all those who gather for prayer, education or social ministry. In one recent month, the parish utility bills totaled $22,513 for heat and light.
  • To support the programs and staff which provide services to almost 5,000 parish families.
  • To maintain the landscaping and the facilities and provide snow removal service, so that our parish is always a present and welcoming image to all who may pass by or visit the campus.

Your contribution is your weekly gift to God. If you would like to learn more about making regular contributions to the parish, please contact Parish Development Director, Mary Helfrich, at Electronic giving is a method of giving that is easy and saves the parish money with printing and mailing costs. A form is available on the website under e-contributions.