Lectio Divina

What is Lectio Divina? While reading sacred scripture, read the words with a love and sense of discovery until something seems to strike home. Sit with the passage as one would with a good friend- not just thinking or analyzing, but instead remaining in a quiet, listening spirit, so the word can nurture and challenge you.

Call to Prayer “Let us take a moment in the midst of all our activity to prepare ourselves for prayer.”

The Word of God Choose one of next Sunday’s readings. One person reads the scripture aloud as others are attentive to a word, phrase, or theme that is meaningful to them. Allow for a minute of silent reflection. Have another person read the same scripture a second time. Excerpts from SNOW FALLING ON SNOW Copyright 2001 by Robert J. Wicks Used with permission of Paulist Press www.paulistpress.com

Faith Sharing Begin with an open ended question such as “What strikes you from this reading?” and/or you can use the “Reflection Question” found on our website or bulletin. Allow time for reflection & sharing.

Closing Prayer At the end of the faith sharing, invite participants to pray aloud for any particular petitions or praises they may have. Feel free to close with: The Lord’s Prayer or Spontaneous prayers or a faith-based song.


Daily Readings

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Reflection Question for Sunday, July 26, 2020
Jesus is the great teacher. He explains the inexplicable by using examples his listeners can understand. The stories Matthew tells us today show that discipleship – total commitment to Jesus – is not the burden it might seem, but pure joy. All that the merchant owns and values suddenly becomes expendable and useless compared with real treasure. Have you let go of anything that was precious to you when you found something better? Can you trust that Jesus is “worth” whatever you give up for his sake?

Reflection Question for Sunday, July 19, 2020
In this season of planting and growing, we listen to another “Seed Sowing” parable from Matthew. Jesus describes God as a patient gardener, who will wait until the end to divide the good from the bad. Remember the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil? Good vs evil is a decision for God to make, not his creatures, and it got Adam and Eve into trouble when they tried to appropriate that role for themselves. Do you sometimes get impatient with God when it looks like he’s ignoring evil?

Reflection Question for Sunday, July 12, 2020
We all like to think of ourselves as “the rich soil” where the seed Jesus scatters produces much fruit. But let’s face it, sometimes we’re not. We have moments when we actually forget the Good News that we are loved beyond imagining. Our daily frustrations distract us so much that we lose our focus on Jesus and the mission he has entrusted to us. Can you appreciate the many times when you are good soil? And recognize the times when you are not? Ask the Holy Spirit for help with your “garden.”

Reflection Question for Sunday, July 5, 2020
Jesus invites us to trust him and let him share our burdens and troubles. The “wise and learned” don’t get it. We try to figure everything out for ourselves. We think that it’s all up to us to “fix” all the problems (our own and those of everyone else). Jesus doesn’t promise to make the bad stuff disappear, but rather, invites us to take him on as a partner. We will be yoked together – bound together – pulling in the same direction together. He will carry the bulk of the load, and our job is to cooperate with him. What burdens can you share with Jesus today?