We welcome your family to our religious education programs at St. Louis Church!

We, along with our entire parish staff and community, willingly share with you the responsibility regarding the faith formation of your children and youth.  Much attention and love is required as our children grow, not only physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially, but most importantly, spiritually.

We recognize that spiritual growth is the foundation for happiness.  We pledge to partner with you to raise happy children and young adults, growing in God’s love, learning and living the beliefs and traditions of our Catholic Church, and one day continuing to pass on what they learn, live and believe from generation to generation.

 News and Notes

  • Dear parents, no matter what continues to swirl around us, it's time for our staff to plan and open up registration for our 2020-2021 year of faith formation. We realize that some of you may not be ready to make decisions yet given all the unknown factors that we face. We also respect the fact that each family's decision concerning what is best for them is very unique and personal to their circumstances.  We also realize that the current state of affairs, may have created financial stresses as well.  We do not want this to deter you from registering for Religious Education.  Please feel free to contact Pat Sprankle or Vickie Yozwiak - we will work with you in the strictest confidence regarding such matters. Our hope is to support and partner with you to bring your children and youth back together with us in a way that works for you and also complies with guidelines set by our governor, county executive, and the Archdiocese of Baltimore.  Know that our team is working diligently on several strategic options for opening in the fall.  All possibilities ensure that your family will enter a faith-filled, engaging, catechetical experience that will provide opportunities for your children... and you...  to encounter Christ, so that together we may come to better Know Him, Love Him and Serve Him!
  • Please feel free to reach us via email or phone:
    Religious Education Office -  410-531-6688
    Middle School/ High School Youth Office - 410-531-6668
  • As summer and vacation season are upon us, please call the office prior to a visit.  We want to ensure that someone is there to assist you!

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