Volunteers are needed on Saturday mornings for the positions listed below. Please complete the Catechist/Catechist Assistant Application Form below and submit to the Faith Formation Office if you are interested in volunteering. Youth Assistants do NOT need to complete an application. If you are a parent or sibling of a St. Louis Faith Formation student, you may indicate your interest on the back of your registration form in addition to completing the application.

2023-2024 Catechist Application

CATECHIST ~ Under the guidance of the Director of Faith Formation, Catechists are called to share our Catholic faith with the children of our parish. Catechists will follow a structured Catholic curriculum and lesson plan to prepare Saturday morning classroom activities. Each catechist is assigned at least one assistant, and together they will attempt to link parish with family life, enabling the partnership necessary to form disciples of Christ.

CATECHIST ASSISTANT ~ Assistants work closely with the classroom. Assistants are often the “extra set of hands,” very much needed when working with children. While the assistant does not have the primary responsibility for planning the classroom activities, he or she occasionally may be asked to do so in the absence of the catechist.

YOUTH ASSISTANT ~ Youth Assistants help catechists in the classroom with a variety of tasks including set up and clean up, passing out supplies, and working directly with students. This is a wonderful way for middle or high school students to earn service hours.

SUBSTITUTE CATECHIST ~ Catechists and assistants are asked to arrange for a substitute if they are unable to attend class.  Very often illness or an unexpected circumstance forces a scheduled volunteer to miss class. A substitute would be called ahead of time to assist in the absence of the regular catechist or assistant.

Please note:  The Archdiocese of Baltimore is committed to providing a safe environment for children and youth.  All parish volunteers who come in frequent contact with children/youth are required to complete a volunteer certification process.  All adult volunteers must complete VIRTUS certification, which includes a criminal background check. Volunteer opportunities are also available for youth beginning in the 6th grade. Youth, ages 14 to 17, must complete Worthy of the Call certification in order to volunteer.

 View and begin VIRTUS certification process here

View and begin Worthy of the Call process here