Announcement:  All classes – Monday, Act Now, Wired and Edge - are virtual at this time except the Opening Live Sessions to gather materials and meet Catechists. Please refer to the Fall Calendar Schedule!

There are restaurants, including one near our house, which early on in the pandemic, thought outside the box.  They quickly formed a carryout and/or delivery system or transformed their seating areas into market places for essential items.  Wanting to support our favorite local establishment, our family made sure to order meals at least weekly and buy from their 'store.'  In this case, the creativity and commitment of this restaurant kept it open and serving the community.

St. Louis Catholic Youth Ministry (CYM) is excited to continue to serve you and your family over these trying times, and to offer 'spiritual food' in new and innovative ways.

Early in April, our popular weekly middle school, high school, college and parent zoom gatherings brought people together for prayer, discussion and support.  The strange 2020 summer saw many cancellations, but CYM was able to host 3 retreats, safe food pantry service days, regular zoom gatherings, and more.

Although no virtual program matches face to face interactions, and although we will reassess after the fall semester, our very dedicated volunteers and staff, will share the Head, Heart and Hands of Jesus with the young church in a mostly virtual process. While there will be some opportunities to meet in person, these will be few and far between, and will have a virtual option for those who are not comfortable with in person.

And now, after the HCPSS decision to go 100% virtual through January, and after extensive meetings with Msgr. Luca and staff, and hearing from parents and religious education catechists through surveys and meetings, we offer the following faith formation plan for the coming fall and winter. If you have already registered for religious education, there is no need to do so again.  If not, please join us in continued religious education for your young person(s). Registration Forms can be found on the Registration Page.

  1. You will still register for one of the four adolescent faith formation programs that we offer to give families some flexibility, most of which are virtual. (Grade 6-10 Mondays, Grade 9-10 EDGE, Grade 9-10 WIRED, Grade 7-8, ACT NOW.)  Please choose the one that most fits your young person's schedule.
  2. Due to the special challenges for families this fall, we offer extra VIRTUAL options:
    • In a given month, Grade 6-8 (Monday or ACT NOW) can attend any 3 of 4 weekly Monday Classes (1 hr 15 minute each) OR the once a month Saturday Class (2 hours) and 1 Monday.
    • In a given month, Grades 9-10 (Monday or WIRED) can attend any 3 of 8 Weekly Monday or Wednesday Classes (1 hr 15 mins).
  3. EDGE Religious Education will now take place the 4th Sunday of the month for the 9:30am Youth Mass (physical presence or hopefully virtual) 9:30-10:45am Mass and 11:30-12:30pm virtually for large group. EDGE will also meet two Sundays after this for small groups from either 11-12 Noon or 12:15-1:15pm


Please click here for a pdf version of the calendar!

You will notice that all programs will begin live and in person at the church so we can give out books, meet the young people and have a short prayer.  

Precautions and COVID protocols (including everyone having face masks and physical distancing) will be in place.

Please feel free to email Pat Sprankle -, if you have any questions.  May God bless you!