Due to the increased risk of associated with COVID-19, all school supervised extracurricular activities and sports permitted under the Archdiocese of Baltimore School Policies are suspended until further notice.

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We will also be offering a Chess Club for grades K-8.  This club will be offered through Silver Knights Enrichment.  To register for this club or to learn more about it, please do so directly through their website: https://skenrichment.com/clubs/howard/product/st-louis-school-chess-winter-2020.html

The clubs listed below are open for Spring Registration. Several clubs have limits, so please be sure to sign up early.CyberSTEM (4th & 5th) - Limited to 20 students
CyberSTEM (6th - 8th) - Limited to 20 students
Design & Build (1st & 2nd)
Design & Build (3rd & 4th)
Primary Drama Club (2nd - 5th) - Limited to 30 students
Rubik's Cube Club (4th - 8th) - Limited to 20 students
Service Club (3rd - 5th)
Volleyball Club (5th - 8th)
Yoga Club (1st - 3rd) - Filled

Please use one form per child.