St. Louis School shares in the education apostolate with the parish for children in pre-kindergarten through 8th grade. The parish and school work together to create a climate marked by:

  • A Christian atmosphere in which the dignity and value of each person is honored
  • A friendly and cohesive environment with good communication among students, families, staff, and administration
  • A community which fosters a love of learning and where students practice self-discipline and learn self-control through clearly communicated high expectations and positive reinforcement
  • Recognition of our parish partnership as the pastoral and religious educational staff of the parish work with the faculty and school staff to create a seamless connection between the school and church
  • Faith life guided by the pastor with the assistance of associate pastors, including an associate pastor who serves as school chaplain
  • A parish that offers generous support in many forms including tuition assistance along with support to the Annual Appeal and other school based programs