Help us to "Bridge the Gap" between tuition revenue and our cost of
operation by making a gift to the Fund for St. Louis!

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What is your dream for SLS?
Put your support toward the areas of the school that you love the most!

  • Help us to increase the salaries we pay our teachers so that we may attract and retain the best and the brightest!
    • This year are working to increase our teacher salaries to be more in line with their public school counterparts. Our teachers work hard! - Help us pay them what they are worth!

  • Help us to offer more tuition Grant and Aid to those families who want a Catholic education but struggle to afford it. Help sponsor a child!

  • Help us to continue our Louis IX Program and welcome parish families who have a child with Down syndrome. Our goal is to make a Catholic education available to all of God’s children!

  • Help us to dream even BIGGER dreams! If we meet our Annual Fund goal, we can focus on even bigger opportunities for our students like a new Innovation Lab, more robust instructional and extra-curricular opportunities, and school infrastructure improvements.

Every gift you give to the Annual Fund will make a lasting impact.

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Each year, St. Louis School relies on the generous financial support of our parents, grandparents, parishioners, community partners to assist in helping us to meet our operating expenses with an eye toward keeping Catholic education affordable to as many families as possible.  By making a gift to this Fund, you will be supporting our budget this year and providing us with a means to continue our mission to educate lifelong learners through intellect, love, justice, and peace.

We will gratefully accept gifts to the Fund for St. Louis via personal check.  Please make your check payable to St. Louis School and send to the school office at: 12500 Clarksville Pike, Clarksville, MD 21019. Thank you!

St. Louis school families can make a donation to the Fund for St. Louis through their FACTS account. To make a one-time or monthly donation to the Fund, kindly fill out this form and return to the school office. Thank you!