As one of the first parochial schools in rural Howard County, Saint Louis School opened in October 1923. The school is named for the parish patron saint, King Louis IX of France, who reigned from 1226 to 1270.

The Sisters of Divine Providence of Kentucky staffed the school from its inception until 1976. Since then, the Sisters of the Holy Union (S.U.S.C.), the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur (S.N.D.), and lay teachers have educated the students of Saint Louis School.

The school shares in the education apostolate of the parish. The development of intellect includes an environment that nurtures creativity, joy of learning, and spiritual values. Personal development occurs in an atmosphere of faith, leading each student toward a sense of self-worth and accountability. Activities offered promote a positive self identity as becomes maturing Christians. The learning experiences enhance the opportunities for students to develop integrity, initiative, cooperation, and self-direction.