How old must my student be to enter Kindergarten?
Students must be 5 years old by September 1st of the year in which they will enter Kindergarten.

Do you ever make exceptions for the age requirement?
If a child turns 5 within a few weeks of the deadline, we will certainly evaluate him/her for admission to the program and make a determination from there. Generally, though, we try to adhere to the age restriction, as experience has shown us that students within this parameter are the most successful, both academically and socially.

What are your class sizes?
We take a maximum of 25 children in each of our two classrooms. There is one teacher and one full-time aide in each class.

What Reading/Math programs are used?
Journeys by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt is used for Reading. This series utilizes a balanced literacy approach and has been proven to significantly boost student achievement in word recognition, reading comprehension, spelling, and vocabulary.  For Math, we use enVisionMATH by Pearson Realize.  This program encourages hands-on, interactive learning and differentiated instruction.

What “Specials” or enrichment classes do the children participate in?
Each week, the Kindergarten students participate in Physical Education, Library, Computer, Music, Spanish, and Art classes.

How are computers and technology utilized in the classroom?
Kindergarten students attend a computer class once a week in the computer lab. Computers are used during workshop and available for independent use during free time. We also make use of interactive whiteboard technology, DLP projectors, and document cameras to engage the students in exciting and innovative ways.

Do the students attend Mass?
Our Kindergarten students attend Mass with the whole student body on Tuesday mornings, on Holy Days, and for special liturgical celebrations. We start and end each day with prayer.

If a child is having difficulty, what services are available?
We are fortunate to have an Illumination Program with Resource teachers who serve our students with diverse learning needs.

Are buses available for students in Kindergarten?
Howard County Transportation provides busing service to Saint Louis School. Busing is available to many areas of Howard County, without an additional charge to students. The current bus routes are available for your review.

How do you service the different abilities within the classroom? Do you group?
We take great care and attention to serve all of our students and meet them where they learn best. We have flexible grouping for reading. We offer small group instruction, workshops, and weekly centers where our parents can volunteer and lead activities prepared by the teachers.

Do you expect that the child will be reading when they enter Kindergarten?
We do not expect the child to be reading upon entering Kindergarten. However, we do expect that each child will learn to read the on-level Kindergarten reader that accompanies our program.

How do you handle allergies within the classroom/school?
We make every effort to be a peanut-free school. If a child brings a peanut based snack/lunch, they are asked to sit at a specific peanut butter table. Parents of children with allergies are asked to send special treats that are stored in the classroom for when there are celebrations.