Subject to regulations from the Archdiocese, the School Board is the advisory body for St. Louis School. The primary responsibility of the School Board is to ensure that the assets and personnel of the school are used to promote and strengthen the school and the parish community. The Board’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, recommending tuition rates each year, acting as a liaison with local/state officials, ensuring implementation of and compliance with policies of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, implementing and/or supporting desirable educational and communication programs, and bolstering the financial strength of the school.

The Board consists of a diverse group of people from the parish and surrounding community. Each year, the Board recruits two or three new voting members from parents of currently enrolled students and from non-school parents. Representation from both groups is essential and is mandated by the School Board bylaws.

Voting members of the Board typically serve a three-year term beginning in the Spring, attend nine meetings each year, serve on at least one committee (finance, development, membership, etc.), participate in other school-related activities throughout the year as available, and experience great satisfaction from offering their time and talent to this special ministry of the parish.

We are extremely grateful to our school board members who sacrifice their time, talent and treasure to ensure the fiscal stability of our school and the future of Catholic education.