The St. Louis School Gift Card program is entering its 26th year of successful fundraising!

What is SCRIP?

Scrip is Fundraising While You Shop®. Scrip turns everyday shopping into cash for St. Louis School when families use retail gift cards to pay for everyday purchases (like gas and groceries) instead of the usual credit/debit card or other money. St. Louis School buys gift cards at a discount and resells them at face value, with no additional cost to you!

How can I use SCRIP?

Let’s say you grocery shop at Giant. You buy a Giant card for $50 from St. Louis School. You go to Giant and use the $50 gift card for your purchases. It’s that easy! The gift cards are valid as long as a cash balance remains on the card.  E-cards are also available on the RaiseRight App (see below).

How does St. Louis School make money?

St. Louis HSA buys the gift cards at a 1% to 16% discount. 

Are there any other benefits?

YES! Your family earns half the rebate provided by the specific retailer on your purchases throughout the year. The credit is applied to your August tuition bill. You also receive 1/2 hour service credit for each $100 you purchase.  

SCRIP purchases are tracked by the school and are automatically entered for the families.   

PLEASE NOTE: The regular rebates are used when calculating the tuition credits for families. While the school will earn a higher percentage back during special promotions on the Scrip website, we are not able to pass those bonuses onto the families.

What stores can I purchase?

There are hundreds of stores – over 40 of which we keep in inventory (grocery stores, restaurants, etc.).

Are SCRIP gift cards for me to use or are they gifts? 

Both – you purchase gift cards that you give as gifts (teacher gifts, birthday gifts, Christmas, etc.) or you can use the cards yourself.

Can I use SCRIP cards to make online/phone purchases? 

Most cards can be used for online purchases using the number that appears on the back of the cards. It is best to check first to assure that a particular store allows online or phone purchases using gift cards.

Purchase SCRIP

There are multiple ways to purchase SCRIP.  Choose the ones that suit you best.


Register online at Registering with Shopwithscrip is easy and you may pay by check (made payable to St. Louis HSA and sent to school with your child) or with your bank account online.

When you order online, you will have the advantage of seeing everything that is available , and all the math is done for you. No sending the order form to school, either – we will receive notice that you have ordered and will take care of everything else!

Go to today and click on the blue button “Join a Program” at the top to register.  

You may also order cards online and pay by check.

Orders paid by check will be held until the check is received.

Extended family members or friends may set up online accounts and earn volunteer hours and rebates for your family.

Purchase SCRIP with the Raise Right App

RaiseRight is the SCRIP app from ShopWithScrip. It is very easy to use. If you have not tried it, we highly recommend you download it from your app store for your VIRTUAL SCRIP needs. 

If you already have a ShopWithScrip account, just use the same login and password for RaiseRight.

Fill Out a Script Order Form:

Send a completed Scrip Order Form 2021 - 2022 and a check made payable to St. Louis HSA in an envelope. If your order is sent by MONDAY morning, your cards will be sent in your child's backpack on Thursday or Friday.

Purchase SCRIP at the School:

SCRIP can be purchased from the front desk during regular school hours.  You’ll be able to purchase gift cards that we have in our inventory or place an order for other stores or denominations.

Place a STANDING ORDER for Scrip through FACTS:

You may now purchase SCRIP by placing a recurring order with the Standing Order Form that will be deducted automatically from your FACTS account. The order can be processed once or twice a month, and the gift cards will be delivered the week the payment is processed. Think how great it would be to purchase grocery cards so that you always have one in your wallet for those trips to the store!

If you have any questions, need the Shop with Scrip enrollment code, or for more information, contact Angela Garippa at