Social Media Fast Challenge | February 18 - 24, 2024

How To Fast:

  • Leave your phone charging instead of bringing it to the dinner table
  • Complete a chore or necessary work you've been putting off
  • Play a game
  • Pick up a book
  • Choose to use time saved for something else:
    • Extra family time
    • Sleep
    • Connect with friends
    • Exercise
    • Say a prayer!

Don't do this alone! Speak to a friend, spouse, a fellow parishioner! And tell us how you did!

Why Fast?

As a pastorate and as a continuation of our homily series, we are asking our parishioners to live simpler, to slow down, to use silence prayerfully, and to dedicate to making Sundays a priority for God. It will be good to challenge ourselves to a social media fast where we choose to purposefully set our phones and other tools that can be time wasters aside, and increase time spent with God and our families.