“Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” (Luke 12: 15, 34)

The Legacy and Future of Saint Louis Parish

Since 1855, generations of Saint Louis parishioners have contributed to the rich legacy of the parish. They were a people who labored for much less in very difficult occupations, yet they found the time and money to devote to Saint Louis. We are the beneficiaries of their toil and sacrifice.

Today it is our turn to thank God for all these blessings and to provide for the future of our church, its ministries and programs. We all need to personally commit ourselves to giving a portion of the blessings we have received. Our generosity will enable Saint Louis to preserve our treasured parish legacy for generations to come.

Planning Your Estate

You should have a will, regardless of the size of your estate. For some of us, there are certain advantages to having a trust. Over 75% of American families do not have a will or trust. Most people recognize the importance of having a will, but never get around to having one written. Without a will, you leave very important decisions about the distribution of your assets to the state, plus your estate may have to pay a sizable amount of taxes and fees. A valid will allows your loved ones to participate in honoring your intentions, it leaves a secure inheritance to those you love and it can continue to provide financial assistance to Saint Louis Parish and other charities or causes that you are passionate about. A will also allows you to perform your final act of good stewardship to your loved ones and Saint Louis Parish.

“I am in God’s WILL, Is he in my WILL”?

Being a Good Steward

Along with your spouse, children, relatives and friends, Saint Louis has also been an important part of your life. You can preserve the future of Saint Louis Parish and its good works in the community and create a lasting legacy by including a gift in your estate plans. A bequest in your will is a testimony to our own life of faith and a response to the Gospel message of sharing our gifts with others and helping to bring the Faith to a new generation. When you prepare your will, consider making Saint Louis Parish one of the beneficiaries of your estate.

If you do not have a will, please consider having one prepared. It is essential that your estate planning and charitable bequests be done properly, professionally and legally. If you already have a will, you may simply add a signed and witnessed codicil to it. You may assign stocks, bonds or mutual funds; a percentage of your estate; life insurance proceeds; and/or retirement benefits to Saint Louis Parish. In addition, you may create a specific scholarship fund, a maintenance fund for the building and grounds or a program fund for religious education or a special ministry.

Your Gift Supports:

Our Offertory Collection
Religious Education programs for children
Adult education activities and programs
Catholic Youth Ministry
Church maintenance and repair
Parish outreach programs
Saint Louis School

For more information contact Mary Helfrich at 410-531-6040 or mhelfrich@stlouisparish.org