The St Louis/St. Francis of Assisi Adult ACTS Core Team provides leadership for conducting ACTS retreats for our pastorate. Each member serves a 3-year term. The 2023 ACTS Core Team roles are:

Role Name Role Name
Facilitator David Hand Co-Facilitator Denise Reccardi
Men’s Spiritual Coordinator Don Kemp Women’s Spiritual Coordinator Maria Giorla
Men’s Supply Coordinator Mike Damewood Women’s Supply Coordinator Teresa Boarman
Men’s Retreat Support Brad Maunz Women’s Retreat Support Marg Oehrli
Communication Coordinator Fatima Millar Social (Event) Coordinator Chad Bollweg
Music Coordinator Amy Comberiate Financial Coordinator Helmut Seifert
Clergy Liaison Deacon Kevin Hostutler
The Adult ACTS Core Team is committed to growing the ACTS Ministry by helping each parishioner grow in faith. Should you have any questions regarding Adult ACTS, feel free to contact: