The St. Louis ACTS Core team conducts ACTS retreats at St. Louis parish.  Do you have a question?  Please contact one of the current team members. Each member serves a three year term.

Role Name Email Phone
Facilitator Rich Reccardi 443-618-2911
Co-Facilitator Vicky Sarro 443-280-4655
Men's Spiritual Coordinator Thomas Quintin 301-806-2921
Women's Spiritual Coordinator Mary Rose Batuure 410-206-6780
Men's Supply Coordinator Tim McMorland 443-433-2731
Women's Supply Coordinator Kelly Stewart 954-591-2668
Men's Retreat Support John Ray Greco 443-745-9626
Women's Retreat Support Marcy Kolodrubetz 301-704-6809
Financial Coordinator Paul Pellegrino 410-600-5473
Communication Coordinator Mary Kolb 443-745-7082
Social Coordinator Bud Brown 281-468-6909
Music Coordinator Jennifer Dabuet  908-947-8979
Parish Liaison Deacon Kevin Hostutler

The ACTS Ministry Core Team is committed to growing the ACTS Ministry at St. Louis Parish. All members of Core would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

 For the latest SCC information at St. Louis, please contact either Thomas Quintin or Mary Rose Batuure
• For specific retreat questions, please contact either John Ray Greco or Marcy Kolodrubetz
• For questions on donations, please contact Paul Pellegrino
• For questions on communications, please contact Mary Kolb
• For general ACTS questions or concerns, please contact Rich Reccardi or Vicky Sarro
In all cases, please feel free to reach out to any member of the ACTS Core Team with any questions regarding ACTS.