Worthy of the Call - Youth (Ages 14-17) Volunteer Requirements

“Worthy of the Call” is a certification process that is required for all youth (ages 14-17) who want to volunteer in the parish. All youth volunteer applicants must complete the following items before they are able to begin serving:

  1. Complete the Archdiocese of Baltimore Application for Volunteer Service – (Español). A signature on the Application for Volunteer Services indicates that the applicant has read and agrees to comply with the Statement of Policy and Code of Conduct. Also, the application must be signed by the applicant’s parent or guardian.  The signature may be placed beneath the applicant’s signature.
  2. Review a copy of A Statement of Policy for the Protection of Children & Youth
  3. Review the Code of Conduct for Church Personnel in the Archdiocese of Baltimore
  4. Provide three (3) references.  A teacher, principal, pastor, etc. may provide the “professional reference”.  The references will be checked, and their responses documented.
  5. Watch the training video Worthy of the Call in the Youth Ministry office.  Please check the Youth Ministry High School calendar for the next session dates. If you don’t see one scheduled, please contact the Youth Ministry office at (410) 531-6668.

All completed paperwork should be mailed to:

St. Louis Catholic Church
Attn: Mrs. Mary Kolb
12500 Clarksville Pike
Clarksville, MD 21029

Children under age 14 are considered to be doing Christian service and need not follow these volunteer requirements.