St. Louis Contact Information

Parish - 410-531-6040

School - 410-531-6664

Faith Formation - 410-531-6688

CYM - 410-531-6668

Fr. Michael DeAscanis Pastor
Fr. Kenneth Lukong Associate Pastor
Mr. Scott Buttrick Director of Operations
Mr. Scott Lancaster Deacon
Mr. Frank Sarro Deacon
Mr. Kevin Hostutler Deacon
Mr. Frank Ziegler Deacon
Mr. Matt Kolb Deacon
Mr. Terry Eberhardt Director of Music
Mrs. Colleen Eberhardt Assistant Director of Music
Mrs. Julie Brookman Parish Accountant
Mrs. Mary Kolb Coordinator of Ministries, Volunteers, and Communications
Mrs. Amy Bagley Parish Secretary
Mrs. Tracy Mayer Parish Secretary
Mrs. Debbie Thomas Principal
Mrs. Mary Ewachiw Assistant Principal
Mrs. Liz Anacker Director of Admissions
Mrs. Susie Madden Coordinator of Academic Affairs
Mrs. Erin Rummel School Development Director
Mrs. Vickie Yozwiak Director of Faith Formation
Mrs. Cathy Oliver Faith Formation Office Manager
Ms. Lucy Schmidt Wee Praise Coordinator
Mr. Richard Durant Faith Formation Office Assistant
Mrs. Luisa Palting Director of Youth Ministry & Catechesis
Mrs. Maria Cristina Tenaglia Youth Office Administrator