St. Louis Parish and School Inclement Weather Policy

St. Louis Parish takes seriously its obligation to provide for the safety of those on our campus.  This policy reflects our commitment to making safety a priority.

  • Since 2015, we followed the Howard County School System, but with COVID-19 and an all-virtual HCPSS, this is not currently an option. Instead, St. Louis will base its decision on conditions here on campus in consultation with AOB School Superintendent.
  • Closure of the St. Louis campus applies to all offices, events, and ministries.
  • Weather-related announcements will be sent out via FlockNote and posted on our parish websites, and social media.


St. Louis Parish and School will follow the same policy with regard to weather-related decisions.

  • If St. Louis School is delayed or closed, the weekday Mass is cancelled. The presider will offer Mass privately for the specified intention(s).
  • If St. Louis School is closed, all daytime and evening activities on the campus are cancelled and all offices are closed.
  • If St. Louis School announces an early closing or the cancellation of afternoon or evening programs, all events on the St. Louis campus will be cancelled and all offices will be closed.


  • On weekends, decisions regarding closure of the campus as well as the cancellation of funerals, weddings, and weekend Masses will be made by the Facilities Manager in consultation with the clergy and parish staff.

Event Planning

  • When planning a large event or an event involving outside vendors, an inclement weather date will be scheduled.
  • Contracts with outside vendors should include the following clause:

If  the event for which services is being contracted  is cancelled due to inclement weather or some other emergency situation, no payment shall be made for such services so long as the cancellation is communicated at least 24 hours prior to the commencement of the event.