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Dear Parishioner:

Archbishop Lori has written a very important pastoral letter on evangelization-based parish planning which will be used by every parish in the Archdiocese of Baltimore this year to begin planning where and how the Catholic Church will serve the people of our archdiocese in the future. The letter is entitled: A Light Brightly Visible-Lighting the Path to Missionary Discipleship.

Like many dioceses throughout the country we need to look at and study changing demographics to determine how and where the Church can best serve. This parish based planning process will not be a “top down” effort but will include decisions made at the parish level and I need you to participate. The first step in this process includes inviting all parishioners to read the Archbishop’s pastoral letter so that we can all have a sense of what this planning process is about. The letter and a video of the Archbishop explaining the “spirit” of this planning process, which is being called Be Missionary Disciples, can be found by clicking here.

Please do take a few minutes to view the video, read the pastoral letter and then compete the survey. I cannot stress enough the importance of this survey since it will be one of the factors used in the planning process. PLEASE MAKE AN EFFORT to help Saint Louis by being a part of this important archdiocesan planning effort. The survey only takes about 15 minutes to complete and is completely anonymous—and has far reaching ramifications.

Thank you so very much,
Msgr. Luca

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The next New Parishioner Welcome Session will be held Sunday, December 13, at 12:30 pm in the Pastoral Center Social Hall.

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St. Louis Haiti Committee
St. Louis Church has a sister parish relationship with St. John the Evangelist Center in Les Gonaïves, Haiti. St. John’s operates a school for 600 children, a sewing center, and a medical dispensary for the local community. The two faith communities of St. Louis and St. John seek to develop a relationship that fosters spiritual, cultural, medical, educational, and financial goals. St. Louis parishioners are actively involved in promoting these goals. Join the Haiti Sister Parish Committee by e-mailing us at For more information, please contact Michael Burke, 410-997-7372. To make a contribution to the Haiti, please click here to download a form.

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