St. Louis Parish


I am delighted that you have chosen to learn more about us and our community. We are located in western Howard County and although we are a large community, visitors to our church invariably remark about the friendliness and warmth of the people and staff at St. Louis. We are also a parish community that appreciates its history and roots–and we have four churches to prove it!! The very first church used by the parish was built in 1855 and is in the process of being restored; in 1889 a second church was built and is very much in use today; then in 1980 a new and larger church was built to accommodate a growing parish. The continued growth of the parish over the last two decades necessitated the building of an even larger church which was dedicated in April 2006.If I were asked to describe the spirit of this community, I would say that it is a community that is very much in tune with the times–proud to be exceptionally active and involved in a broad array of ministries and activities while at the same time respecting and advocating the basic traditional Christian values that the Gospel proclaims.

Please feel free to visit–you are always welcome!

Sincerely in Christ,
Msgr. Joseph L. Luca

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1889 Chapel Now Open!

It sure feels good to be able to use our 1889 Chapel again. You may have noticed a few new safety features that have been added to the entrance: new steps and a much needed landing at the front doors with railings and enhanced lighting over the entrance. In addition the curb has been removed to allow easier access for us “elderly” folks!!

Two items still remain to be installed: the new front doors (which have been ordered in the style of the original 1889 doors) and the new exterior windows which will protect the stained glass (which will match those of our new church).

In addition to the above, the entire “re-do” of the exterior of the chapel includes a totally new roof, new pointing of all the stone, a new bell tower, new window frames, the repair and restoration of all the stained glass windows and a new bell ringer with the ability to not only ring the Angelus at 9:00am, 12:00 noon and 6:00pm followed by beautiful hymns but also rings 5 minutes before and at the beginning of each weekend Mass.